Solo Plastics Products and Services

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Detention/retention tanks

Available in multiple diameters. 800mm to 2m. Suitable for under lawn and under driveway installations. (Installations subject to traffic loading and/or high ground water conditions need to designed accordingly). Made to measure from 1m to 1000m lengths. Inlet swivel for easy connection from any direction. Outlet flow designed to suit the application and local body requirements. Maximised storage with top entry inlet. Fully UV Stabilised. 500mm Access Entry with Push On Lid.

Rental equipment

Solo Plastics have available for rental a series of welding machines including an automatic hydraulically operated butt welding machine, the PT355 CNC. This machine is suitable for polyethylene and polypropylene pipes in the 90mm to 355mm diameter range, with wall thicknesses from SDR41 to SDR6.The self-aligning frame and compact dimensions make this machine well suited to confined construction situations and narrow trenches. Each weld can be logged, ensuring quality and recording results for later analysis.

Maintenance pits

A 600 mm polyethylene chamber with a 300 mm PVC riser connected to the chamber by a rubber ring joint. Each pot is fabricated to suit the particular installation.

Commitment to higher standards

As a certified ISO 9001:2000 supplier, Solo Plastics Ltd is committed to an ongoing quality control program to ensure we deliver products of the highest possible specifications and standards. We maintain and operate specialised management systems that help us to provide a level of service that often exceeds the expectations of our customers.

Success through customer satisfaction

Our success has been achieved by maintaining customer satisfaction. Gaining the loyalty of our customers has resulted from setting high product standards, monitoring performance and results, and continually striving for improvement in all aspects of our business

Ordering Process

Solo Plastics Ltd has thousands of standard products available. These are displayed on our website, or alternatively by asking for a price list. It is of primary importance that the customers exact requirements are correctly established and recorded. When non standard products are needed we discuss particulars with the customer and assist with design to arrive at an optimal solution. A written quotation is then provided.

From Concept to Reality

The product requirements are established and a concept design produced. A 3D drawing of the fitting or component is then produced via the CAD system and is rendered to ensure that what you see, is what you get. Machining centres produce the fitting (in this instance a pressure polyethylene tee body) using a program generated from the CAD drawing. The product is completed by welding legs to the body.


In the forming section, pipe is heated under controlled conditions and the shape changed to suit the fitting being made.


This is the process where pipes are cut, machined, welded and fibreglass reinforced.


Polyethylene welding is a science. Our precision computer controlled equipment is programmed to control temperature, pressure and the time according to established and proven international formulae. This guarantees consistently accurate and dependable welds.


Our comprehensive engineering shop enables us to build equipment specific to our needs, as well as ensuring that all machinery is maintained to the best standards. The CNC machining centres work in multiple axes to produce intricate parts to order, as well as producing products from plastic castings for our customers.

Polyethylene Castings

Blocks of polyethylene can be cast in-house to enable us to manufacture special fittings without the reliance on semi finished products.


Solo Plastics Ltd continually invests in the development of new products and machinery. Our fabricated fittings range from 15mm to 1600mm, with specials outside of this range. Internationally recognized derating factors are applied at the design stage to ensure all fittings will perform to nominated pressure ratings over the life of the pipe.

On-site Services

In 2011 Solo Plastics Ltd purchased Fusion Welding, an Auckland based company that provide PE butt and fusion welding services to New Zealand and the South Pacific. The company has CNC welders to 1000mm and manual machines to 1200mm. To allow all weather welding services all the larger CNC machines are containerised, which minimalizes establishment costs and reducers lifting requirement's from the contractor . We can provide a variety of other field services including the repair of damaged or leaking fittings, and weld and repair of proprietary plastic pipe linings.

Profile Pipe

Solo Plastics Ltd is a major supplier of large diameter polyethylene pipe and fittings manufactured using tangential extrusion technology. Pipes are specifically designed for low pressure and gravity systems with pipe diameters from 450mm to potentially 3 metres. Typical applications include culverts, stormwater, sewer, tanks, manholes and outlet pipelines. The profile pipe offers high crush strength, is light weight and an inexpensive alternative to concrete pipe.